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The Best Ways to Gift NASTY WOMAN WINES

Sure you could gift our wine in a decorative holiday bag or, better yet, roll it in last week’s grocery ads and tie it with an old shoelace because CLIMATE CHANGE, but maybe you want to step up your gift game a touch this year. There’s also the distinct possibility that you’re exhausted by life and stepping it up sounds like one more thing to suck the holiday cheer right out of you. We’re here for you either way. We’ve got some hot tips for gifting NASTY WOMAN WINES that are quick, easy and rich with empowerment. Read on for our guide to gifting with bonus ideas for sustainable gift wrap.

Game Night

Anyone who tells you rosé is a summer wine has clearly never paired it with a Honey Baked Ham because that shit will change your life. Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, Progress Pink is a game night wine. Pair it with the Nasty Woman Game, created by our friends at Shrill Society, and all your favorite snacks for a kickass gift basket.

Movie Night

We like our Chardonnay like we like our movies, bold, racy and bright. Which is why Pave the Way Chardonnay is the perfect movie night wine. Pair it with popcorn and your favorite feminist flicks, and you have a winning gift! If you need film inspiration, check out the Bentonville Film Festival submissions from 2018. The Geena Davis Institute on Gender in Media backs this event which promotes underrepresented voices in the entertainment industry.

Me Time

Everyone needs a night of self-care and our picks for a “Me Time” basket will restore the mind and body. A bottle of Boss Lady Bubbles says “I’m worth opening a whole damn bottle of bubbles,” and when paired with a scented candle, bubble bath and some female-friendly erotica it becomes a downright party…for one. Find videos, stories and toys that cater to women over at Bellesa. Those ladies know what’s up.

Wine & Dine Me

Pinot Noir is a wine made for food, and our Pantsuit Pinot Noir is no exception. Pair it with a great cookbook and some pretty glassware or serving pieces and you have a gift that every cook and party host will adore. Our book picks, all authored by women, are Salt Fat Acid Heat by Samin Nosrat, which will help anyone become a master of flavor. The Bread and Salt Between Us by Mayada Anjari, a collection of recipes and stories from a Syrian refugee’s kitchen. And Solo: A Modern Cookbook for a Party of One by Michelin-starred master chef Anita Lo. It’s beautifully-written and argues that cooking for one can be both blissful and empowering.  

Curl up with a Book

This basket is perfect for bookworms, introverts and anyone who can read words. Our Represent Red GSM is a lush limited release red blend that is perfect for curling up in the coziest spot in the house with a good book. Plus it features restaurateur, CEO, womxn’s rights champion and avid reader, Linda Derschang on the label. Pair this wine with a snuggly blanket, good chocolate and a book about a Nasty Woman. Linda’s favorites include Patti Smith’s memoir, Just Kids, Stephanie Coontz’s, A Strange Stirring and Grace Coddington’s Grace: A Memoir.

Reduce, Reuse and Recycle your gift wrap!

Most of us have a few decent baskets or boxes stashed in the back of a closet somewhere that we can use to put together a gift basket. If not, no problem! There are easy ways to reuse everyday objects as environmentally-friendly packaging.

If you have a gift basket or box you can use, you probably need some filler to keep your collection of gifts from sliding around. Try shredding newspaper or catalogs instead of purchasing basket filler or wrap your items in pretty tea towels as part of the gift.

If you have smaller cardboard boxes or shoe boxes around the house, wrap them in brown paper grocery bags like you used to do with your textbooks and decorate them with handwritten messages. If you have kids, make them do it as a craft and kill two birds with one stone.

Use fabric. Whether you’re an avid seamstress with piles of extra fabric lying around or you have clothing or linens you are preparing to get rid of, cut a swatch of cloth and tie it up with a pretty ribbon. An old pillowcase makes a great reusable gift bag!

Reusable grocery bags and totes make inexpensive gift baskets that won’t get tossed in the trash!

And if you want to go totally gift wrap free for the holidays, gift a #GetNasty Wine Club Membership. It comes with a digital certificate that you can either print or email to the recipient of your generosity.


Emily Davis