Nasty Women & Label Ladies

Meet the women behind the wine...or on the wine should we say? 

Bronte La Rue

Bronte is NASTY WOMAN WINES original Label Lady and is featured on our flagship wines: Progress Pink, Boss Lady Bubbles and Pave the Way Chardonnay.

Learn more about Bronte here.

Sagine Archer

Sagine is a mother, breast cancer survivor, model, fashionista, entrepreneur, marketing maven and champion for women. Sagine is the Nasty Woman on our Represent Red Umpqua Valley Syrah.

Learn more about Sagine here.

Mona Das

Mona is an immigrant, a woman of color, a business owner and an activist. Mona is the Nasty Woman featured on our Represent Red Washington Malbec.

Learn more about Mona here.

Lesley Jane Seymour

Lesley is a Nasty Woman and former editor in chief of many magazines you know and love, from YM to More to Marie Claire to Redbook. She is also the founder of the Covey Club, a community for women who want to live their most authentic lives. Lesley is the Nasty Woman featured on our Represent Red Dolcetto.

Learn more about Lesley here.

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Vania Kurniawati

Vania is a Nasty Woman and badass woman in tech. Outside of her work at some of the biggest technology companies, she works to help get women and minorities placed in high-paying tech jobs and devotes her time to ‘second chance hiring,’ which focuses on hiring formerly incarcerated individuals. Vania is the Nasty Woman featured on our Represent Red Sangiovese.

Learn more about Vania here.

Linda Derschang

Linda is a Nasty Woman, restaurateur, CEO, womxn’s rights champion and tastemaker. She is the founder and CEO of The Derschang Group; a mix of restaurants, cafes and bars in Seattle, Washington. Linda opened her her first spot in 1994. Twenty-five years later, she's launched eleven successful bars and restaurants, while staying committed to community involvement and causes. Linda is the Nasty Woman featured on our Represent Red GSM.

Learn more about Linda here.

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Jessica Williams

Jessica is a Nasty Woman, entrepreneur, change maker and women’s empowerment leader. She is a dynamic speaker and the founder and CEO of the Superwoman Project. Jessica is the Nasty Woman featured on our Represent Red Merlot. COMING SOON.

Learn more about Jessica here.