Meet a Nasty Woman: 5 Questions with Jessica Williams

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Meet Jessica Williams. Jessica is the Founder and CEO of the Superwoman Project. She holds a Master’s degree in Strategic Communications from The University of Oregon, is a Certified Martha Beck Life Coach and a Certified Yoga Instructor. She has been awarded for her work in social change and marketing through The American Marketing Association and Portland Monthly. Jessica has been featured on the TEDx stage, The Huffington Post, She Owns It, and as a guest on dozens of podcasts. In her five year plus speaking career, she has stood on stage at Fortune 100 companies like Nike, nonprofits like The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and NAEM, and educational institutions such as The University of Oregon and George Fox University.


What makes you a Nasty Woman?

My ideals are the same as Nasty Woman’s. I am a woman who is strong and powerful. I try to do good in the world and watch out for the little people. I am a leader and a fighter, and I believe wholeheartedly in equality for everyone, regardless of race, class, gender, creed, and sexual orientation.

Share an experience that shaped your views or helped get you involved in activism.

My life experiences – the good and the bad – had to mean something! I felt like I could help others avoid some of the mistakes I made and live more fulfilling and meaningful lives as a result.

What advice do you have for people who want to help enact change and push progress but don’t know how to get involved?

Take imperfect action towards your goals in small, incremental ways. Don’t wait for everything to feel perfect before you start because you only learn by doing. Get in the arena and start making a difference where you can. Everything will unfold from there. Also, be willing to take risks and forgive yourself when you make mistakes.

If you could look into the future, 10 years from now, and see that real progress has been made, what does that look like to you?

Women make up 50% of the representatives Congress. We’ve had at least one female president. Women make up 50% of the c-suites in corporations. Women have closed the gender pay gap. There is a nationwide mandate that women and men get paid maternity leave. The rate of suicide among young women has dropped. 

Share with us a favorite wine moment, memory or pairing.  

My first big job-job was with a wine distributor in California as a sales rep for corporate accounts like Whole Foods and Beverages & More. I loves that job! I had a $300 monthly budget to taste wines in our portfolio and had the privilege of sampling incredible wines from all over the world! My current favorite red is Malbec, though I LOVE this special bottling of Merlot!

Tell us more about the Superwoman Project.

I am the Founder and CEO of the Superwoman Project, where we help women find more meaning, clarity and purpose in their lives and careers through coaching, training and live events. Every year we host the Superwoman Summit in Portland, Oregon – a three-day event to support women who want to feel more powerful, lead others and make a difference. Additionally, we offer corporate services for organizations who want to recruit, retain and develop top female talent.

 Follow Jessica on Instagram and Twitter @SuperwomanGal


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