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Women We Love

At NASTY WOMAN WINES, we are always on the lookout for Nasty Women whose stories we can amplify. We love showing you strong, powerful women who are forging their own path, taking up space and creating change. We feature these women on our wine labels, in stories and interviews on our blog, in social media and in our newsletters. And we haven’t even scratched the surface sharing the stories of women doing great things.

With that in mind, we are going to start a weekly roundup of women we love that are doing things that you should know about. We’ll be sharing them on our blog and on social to give you that extra dose of inspo to go out there and get shit done. Without further ado, here are the nasty women we are loving right now.

The Best Kind of Instagram Influencer

The (relatively new) term Instagram Influencer may invoke images of a carefully curated lifestyle persona doing fabulous things and promoting their favorite products (#ad), but we’re looking at a different sort of Influencer. The following women are using their Instagram platform, along with their books, podcasts, speaking engagements and more, to create dialogue and engagement on topics like race and white supremacy, politics and the news, and body image and representation. And we are HERE FOR IT. Check out these Nasty Women that we love on Instagram.

i weigh jameela.jpg

Jameela Jamil

You may know Jameela from her role on NBC’s comedy The Good Place where she plays name-dropping Tahani. It’s a fantastic show but we really love Jameela for her work as a body positive activist. She’s frequently lighting up Twitter calling out brands, celebs and media for perpetuating harmful stereotypes and beauty standards for women. We are huge fans of her I Weigh movement, which encourages us to feel valuable and worthy for who we are as a whole rather than as a number on scale. You can follow the movement on Instagram @i_weigh or Jameela herself @jameelajamilofficial

Layla Saad

Layla Saad is a Writer, Speaker, Podcast Host & Racial Justice Advocate whose work explores the intersections of race, spirituality, feminism & leadership. We are working our way through Layla’s Me And White Supremacy Workbook, “for people with white privilege to unflinchingly examine the ways that they are complicit in upholding the oppressive system of white supremacy.” It’s eye-opening, uncomfortable and critical for true equality. You can follow Layla on Instagram @laylafsaad, download her FREE workbook here and contribute to her Patreon to support the work she is doing here.

Jessica Yellin

Jessica Yellin is a journalist and former White House Chief Correspondent for CNN. Fed up with the outrage, shout-fest style of cable news, she started #newsnotnoise on her Instagram account. Jessica does a masterful job of taking the headlines and explaining what is actually news and what is just noise. She deftly explains policies, gets to the meat of what matters and leaves the viewer of her Instagram Stories to make their own decisions about how they feel about what is happening in politics. Her goal is to get people to truly understand what is going on in politics and to engage. If you’re tired of the talking heads opinions and arguing, she will be a breath of fresh air. Follow her on Instagram @jessicayellin.

Have a woman you know or follow on social that you love? If she’s a Nasty Woman doing things worth sharing, drop us a line and let us know. We may feature her in an upcoming blog post or social post. Email us at getnasty@nastywomanwines.com to share.