Who's Your Mama? Find Out Which Wine is the Best Match for Your Mom.

Every wine has its own unique character and NASTY WOMAN WINES are certainly big on personality. Some show you bright vivaciousness from the very first meeting while others introduce themselves to you in soft, subtle layers, much like women and men do. We think that each of our wines has a perfect person to pair with, a human doppelganger, if you will. Meet each NASTY WOMAN WINE below and we bet you’ll instantly think of someone you know IRL. That stands for in real life, in case you’re like our Founder Meg who is too busy gettin’ shit done to keep up with modern acronyms.

Progress Pink

Unapologetically Refreshing Oregon Rosé

Some people underestimate her. She has a lightness to her that is playful and refreshing, but she doesn’t lack depth or complexity. She lives joyfully, laughs often and cares deeply and passionately about her people and her causes.  She will be your champion, and your cheerleader and anyone would count themselves lucky to have her in their corner.

$15 a bottle


Pave the Way Chardonnay

Unapologetically Engaging Oregon Chardonnay

She is the organizer that brings her friends and family together. She is the one who makes the plans and thinks of every detail. She’s a conversation starter and an engaging host. She speaks unabashedly and openly and somehow manages to make each person feel welcome, heard and seen.

$20 a bottle

Boss Lady Bubbles

Unapologetically Vibrant Washington Bubbly

She is special and you know it right when you meet her. She’s intriguing and different and walks a walk that is simply her own. She is approachable but unconventional. She is a reminder to everyone who knows her embracing your individuality will make it shine. She owns who she is, like a boss.

$20 a bottle

Pantsuit Pinot Noir

Unapologetically Tasty Oregon Pinot Noir

She is smart, so very smart. But smart doesn’t quite cut it. She is bright, savvy, intuitive and intelligent. She is the one you ask for advice about relationships and work and for her opinions on news and politics. She just knows.

$25 a bottle

2016 Represent Red GSM

Unapologetically Original Columbia Valley GSM

She is a force. Her life is a story of riveting chapters with twists and turns that she navigates with grace and fortitude. She has an unwavering belief in her self and she always comes out on top.

25 cases produced

$36.00 a bottle

2017 Represent Red Merlot

Unapologetically Ambitious Umpqua Valley Merlot

She is the voice we all need in our head. She reminds you that are capable of greatness. Her dreams and goals have no ceiling and she looks at you the same way. She is ambitious and she wants to bring everyone along with her.

25 cases produced

 $36.00 a bottle

Emily Davis