One Year Later: A Letter from NASTY WOMAN WINES Founder

nww nevertheless she persisted.jpg

One year ago, NASTY WOMAN WINES was born. It was born out of hope and excitement for what we believed was to be. Like many things in life, it did not go as planned. But we took that disappointment and turned it into resolve.

NASTY WOMAN WINES was an idea spurred by a moment which turned into a movement. We haven't looked back since. 

We've watched this community of strong feminist wine lovers grow into a force; encouraging, supporting and inspiring us and each other.

We've watched the female voice at large grow louder and stronger over the past year.

We've seen it move other women to feel strength in numbers and to use their voice to speak up and speak out.

We feel the momentum building and we know that this movement to give more women a voice and to get more women to the table in leadership positions is only going to grow bigger and stronger.

We are thrilled to be a small part of this movement and we are grateful to you, our tribe of Nasty Women.

You are the women, in your unabashed willingness to speak truth, who bring more voices out of the darkness, who empower other women to join the movement.

You are our sheroes. Cheers to you and to another year of progress, growth and unapologetically delicious wine!

Stay Nasty!

Meg Murray

Nasty Woman & Founder


Emily Davis