2018 Midterm Elections Watch

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The midterms are coming! November is right around the corner and there’s a whiff of change in the air. It could just be the overwhelming smell of way-too-early-for-me pumpkin spice lattes on a 90 degree day, but I’m pretty sure it’s mostly change. Gear up Nasty Women, this is our moment!

We’ve put together our favorite sources for staying on top of key races and behind-the-scenes moves, as well as a rundown on women candidates to watch. We will be updating this list as the elections near, so check back frequently!

Best Forecasting Tool

Check out FiveThirtyEight for the best visual forecast of the House Race. It’s frequently updated and uses great graphics to show how each of the 435 House districts is likely to swing. You can also check out their full Midterms 2018 coverage which has some interesting pieces on identity politics and how money affects elections.

Best Inside Scoop

Politics Elections 2018 page is frequently updated with news, opinion and analysis on the 2018 midterms. Here, you’ll find great context for what’s happening in Washington like this piece with the headline McConnell screws Dems ahead of election with October session and this one that outlines how white men are the minority among Democratic House nominees as a flood of women, minorities and first-time candidates is poised to radically alter the composition of Congress next year after winning Democratic primaries in record numbers in 2018.

Best for Reading Up on Women Who are Running

Vox has a page dedicated to the stories of women who are running AND WINNING their primaries. Check it out here.

Newsweek will take you on a quick tour of 18 women candidates running for Congress, the Senate or Governor of their to watch in the midterms. Watch the slideshow here.

Best Analysis

The Washington Post’s The Monkey Cage’s mission is to connect political scientists and the political conversation by creating a compelling forum, developing publicly focused scholars, and building an informed audience. Here you’ll find analysis on the major parties, voter trends, candidates and political influence. Check it out here.

Best Podcast for Women Voters

Politico’s Women Rule is a fantastic podcast devoted to expanding leadership opportunities for all women. The Women Rule series aims to inform, empower and connect women across diverse sectors and career levels to have an impact. Women Rule brings together rising stars, accomplished professionals and VIPs at the pinnacle of their careers for large-scale summits, newsmaker interviews, networking events, podcasts and original reporting. Find it here.

Emily Davis