The Nasty Woman's Guide to Holiday Gifting

nww guide to gifting.png

The holidays bring out a whole range of emotions in us. Excitement, nostalgia, anxiety, panic and sugar coma are all things we experience during the season. Sometimes all in one day. There is a lot of preparation required for Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Festivus or whatever it is that you celebrate in December. No matter who you are, your to-do list is probably a mile long this month. We wanted to make it easier for you so we created the Nasty Woman's Guide to Holiday Gifting. In it, you will find inventive ideas for gift giving along with some hot tips for injecting some holiday spirit into your life. Read on, preferably with a glass of holiday cheer, aka Boss Lady Bubbles.

1. Wine, the better alternative to a partridge in a pear tree.

A google search for partridge yielded a gourmet foods website where one can order wild game birds. The description begins "Enjoy the rich flavors of Scottish game without any of the hassles of the hunt." Since we are not Scottish royalty and hunting does, in fact, seem like a royal hassle, we offer our first gift idea of wine to you. Yes, it is the most obvious choice because we are a wine company and wine is a popular holiday gift, but don't mess with the classics people! Unless it's a partridge. Nobody wants a partridge for Christmas. Give wine and everyone will be happy and there will not be bird poop on anyone's living room carpet. 

2. Charitable gifts are the new black.

One of the best ways to give thoughtfully is to contribute to a cause close to your gift recipient's heart. You can contribute directly to a charitable organization in their name or purchase from a company that donates a portion of their profits to a cause. Ahem. This may be a good time to mention that NASTY WOMAN WINES donates 20% of net profits to organizations that help get women to the table in policy and leadership positions. Whether you gift our wine or donate directly to difference-making organizations for women like Planned Parenthood, She Should Run or The Women in Public Service Project, to name a few, your gift will embody the spirit of holiday giving. 

3. Bubbly goes with everything.

Is there anything more festive than bubbly? Maybe those flashing Christmas lightbulb earrings, but not everyone has pierced ears, so bubbly is a much safer bet. And let's be real, there isn't anything out there quite like our Boss Lady Bubbles. It's crisp and lively and made with Riesling so those floral notes really shine through. This sparkler will please everyone from the casual wine drinker to your wine geekiest friends.

4. Support women entrepreneurs with your wallet this season.

We believe that women and girls are our world' s greatest natural resource.  That is why, this holiday season, we pledge to buy 80% or more of our holiday gifts from women entrepreneurs. Lynn Johnson and Allison Kenny, co-founders of the fantastic organization Spotlight: Girls have produced Shop With Hera free holiday shopping guide that features almost 200 women/girl-owned small businesses and artists from all over the country.  The guide features a diverse range of products and services from an equally diverse group of entrepreneurs.  Whether you are looking for handcrafted jewelry, unique adventures, wine, original artwork, or ways to give back - this guide has you covered.

5. Remind them that you're awesome all year long.

Gift a #GetNasty Wine Club membership to your Nasty Women friends and make them fall in love with you at least once a quarter. The #GetNasty Wine Club membership includes exclusive access to special release wines plus discounts on wine and shipping all year. Our gift subscription also comes with a Certified Nasty Woman Certificate that your ladies will love. 

6. Put some love into the details.

Too often gifts are selected off Amazon wish lists, tossed in a bag with a sheet of tissue paper and tagged with a sticker. We are all for gifting what our friends and family want and we understand that sometimes you just have to get sh*t done assembly-line style. But if you can find the time, there is joy in wrapping thoughtfully and hand-writing notes. Whether you are giving hand-made items, the same Dearfoam slippers your mom has asked for for the past 30 Christmases or a decadently delicious bottle of Pantsuit Pinot Noir, tuck a hand-written note in the package and let your giftee know how much you care for them. It will be the highlight of the gift and it will grow your Grinch heart at least three sizes.

7. Don't forget about you. 

The holidays can be stressful with all the shopping and wrapping and entertaining and partridges pooping on your carpet. Make sure to carve out some time for yourself. Decompress and de-stress in whatever way works for you. Go for a run. Read a good book. Sit in a bubble bath and drink an entire bottle of Progress Pink. Throw your kid's Elf on the Shelf in the fire when no one is looking. The most important thing is that you do you. 

8. Give to the less fortunate. 

I know we already covered charitable giving but this is helping out a different sort of less fortunate. Tis the season for introducing better wine to those you know and love. We all have them in our life. Our friends that only drink buttery oak-bomb Chardonnay or cloyingly sweet Moscato. Now is the time to take them by the hand and introduce them to all that Chardonnay was destined to be in our Pave the Way bottlings. Or show that Riesling lover or Prosecco drinker the possibilities with Boss Lady Bubbles. And that friend that only drinks fruit-forward reds? It's time for some sass in our Represent Red Syrah. Do your part and help those in need of better tasting wine.

However you choose to gift this holiday season, do it with love, do it with gusto and do it with wine. Stay Nasty. 


Emily Davis