The Nasty Woman's Guide to Cheese & Wine Pairing

At NASTY WOMAN WINES, we are committed to creating progressive wines that get more women to the table as leaders and taste makers. It just so happens that we've set that table with some really delicious wine and paired it with our favorite cheeses. Whether you're hosting a party or tasting or just can't be bothered to make dinner, the Nasty Woman's Guide to Cheese & Wine Pairing is yours to devour. 


Note: Find our recommended cheeses at a specialty cheese shop or fine grocer.


Bubbly + All the Cheeses

Boss Lady Bubbles, our Unapologetically Vibrant Washington Bubbly, is made from Riesling and other aromatic grapes. Pair this sparkler with a mild blue cheese like Fourme D'Ambert or Rogue River Blue or a hard, aged cheese like Mimolette. Bubbly was made for cheese pairing and works with all sorts of cheeses, much like bubbly is perfect for any occasion!

$20 a bottle.

Chardonnay + Nutty Cow's Milk Cheese

Our Flagship Pave The Way Chardonnay is an Unapologetically Engaging Oregon Chardonnay and it really sings with nutty cow's milk cheeses, especially those from alpine regions. We love it with Gruyere, Tomme de Savoie and Comte

$20 a bottle.


Chardonnay + Aged Goat's Milk Cheese

Our limited release, Inaugural Pave the Way Chardonnay is an Unapologetically Complex Willamette Valley Chardonnay and it deserves an equally complex and unexpected cheese. Pair it with Garrotxa, an aged goat's milk cheese that is creamy, nutty and earthy. If you're afraid to ask your local cheesemonger for it because how do you EVEN pronounce that, just think, Oscar the Gah-roh-cha!

$30 a bottle.

Rosé + Slighty Aged Sheep, Cow or Goat's Milk Cheeses

Progress Pink, our Unapologetically Refreshing Oregon Rosé, is dry with bright acidity and soft, subtle red fruit, making it the perfect pairing for fresh or slightly aged cow, sheep or goat's milk cheeses. Try it with a young Pecorino Toscano (sheep) or the soft-ripened goat's milk cheese Humboldt Fog.

$15 a bottle.


Pinot Noir + Washed Rind Cheeses

Pantsuit Pinot Noir, is our Unapologetically Tasty Flagship Oregon Pinot Noir and it is gorgeous with creamy, funky, washed rind cheeses. It can stand up to the likes of Taleggio or Epoisses, if you dare. 

$25 a bottle.


Pinot Noir + Bloomy Rind Cheeses

Our limited release 2015 Inaugural Pantsuit Pinot Noir is an Unapologetically Expressive Willamette Valley Pinot Noir. It is smooth and velvety and calls for an oozy, bloomy rind cheese like Brie or Camembert.

$40 a bottle.

Malbec + Aged Sheep or Cow's Milk Cheeses

Our 2015 Represent Red Malbec Washington is an Unapologetically Determined Washington Malbec and is suited to an equally determined cheese. We love it with aged cow's milk cheeses like Parmigiano-Reggiano and Aged Cheddar or an aged sheep's milk cheese like Manchego or Roncal.

30 cases produced - $36 a bottle.

Emily Davis