Cards Against Humanity for Her: A Parody of the Pink Tax

Everyone's favorite party game, Cards Against Humanity, has just released Cards Against Humanity for Her. It's the exact same game but the box is pink and it costs $5 more. Why? To quote the game maker, "Because you're worth it. Avocado face peels. Wheatgrass hot yoga juice cleanse."

You absolutely must check out the product page for the new limited edition game. It is rich with overused stereotypes about women and presents like an ad for tampons or face masks. It's perfect. Cards Against Humanity for Her was created to mock the "pink tax" in which women pay more than men for products like razors and shampoo. 

While the idea of paying more for the pink version of the game is ridiculous, Cards Against Humanity will be donating all of the profits from the sale of the game to Emily's List, a PAC dedicated to getting more women elected to public office. That is something we can definitely get behind! 

You can pick up Cards Against Humanity for Her here. And you can pick up some Progress Pink to drink while you play because there's really no better pairing than board games and wine. Also, there's no pink tax on our pink wine!

Read the full press release from Cards Against Humanity here.


Emily Davis