These 5 senators hold the Supreme Court in their hands

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With the nomination of Brett Kavanaugh for the supreme court vacancy left by the retirement of the “swing vote” Anthony Kennedy, there is a lot at stake if he is confirmed. Most notably, a woman's right to an abortion is staging a fierce political battle over the nominee’s confirmation by the Senate.

Republicans hold a slender 51-49 majority and, with Senator John McCain absent as he fights brain cancer, it is in effect 50-49. Every vote counts. Progressive activists are hoping to pressure two Republicans seen as pro-choice to put principle before party and block Trump’s nominee. Conservatives, meanwhile, will be pushing hard at three Democrats in “red states” who face daunting re-election contests in November’s midterms. These are the five senators who could influence the direction of the supreme court for decades. Learn more about these 5 senators here.

Learn about the Democrats odds of stopping the confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh here

Contact your senator to ask for their vote to block the confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh. Here's a sample phone script you can use:

I’m calling to urge Senator [insert Senator name] to vote NO on Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination.

Trump picked Kavanaugh to be the deciding vote to overturn Roe v. Wade and decimate the ACA. He is terrifyingly far right of the mainstream. And we can’t depend on him to actually serve as a check on President Trump: Kavanaugh believes sitting presidents should be exempt from criminal prosecution and investigation!

Trump is under investigation for obstruction of justice and for colluding with Russia. The Senate should NOT confirm the nominee of a lawless president. Can I count on the Senator to vote against Brett Kavanaugh?

Emily Davis