How to Actually Thank Black Women for Keeping Roy Moore out of Office

doug jones.jpg

Many of us have seen this graph showing that black women were the driving force behind Doug Jones victory in the Alabama Senate race. Twitter is ablaze with people thanking #BlackWomen for their role in keeping Roy Moore out of office. But what can we actually do to show our appreciation for the black women of Alabama who showed up for this vote?

We found two great lists today making their way around the interwebs.

Check out this story from The Cut with a list of organizations that help empower black voters, support black women candidates and help restore voting rights. Read the article to learn how you can say thank you with your money here.

This piece written by Cortney Tunis, the Executive Director of Pantsuit Nation, makes a compelling argument to support policies that support black women and communities of color in general — even if those policies have no tangible impact on your non-black or non-female life. Read the piece here.

Thank you black women of Alabama. Stay Nasty.

Emily Davis