Setting the Table: Summer Pairings


The temperatures are rising, grills are fired up, and summer produce is plentiful right now. Whether you’re entertaining a crowd or putting together a simple weeknight snack, we’ve got tips on how to pair the entire lineup of NASTY WOMAN WINES with your favorite summer flavors. Read our Summer Pairing Guide below.  

Progress Pink, Unapologetically Refreshing Oregon Rosé

What pairs best with rosé? This is almost a silly question because rosé is made for summer food and warm summer nights. We love it with grilled eggplant and peppers and pork sausages right off the grill. It's also fantastic with grilled bread, a hearty glug of extra virgin olive oil and perfectly ripe summer tomatoes. Trust us, you cannot screw up this pairing this quintessential summer wine.

$15 a bottle.

Boss Lady Bubbles, Unapologetically Vibrant Washington Bubbly.

Boss Lady is not your typical bubbly. She's crisp and floral from her Riesling backbone. We could sip this poolside all day long but it pairs beautifully with spicy Asian dishes, fruit tarts, and hammocks. And you cannot go wrong with a simple cheese and charcuterie plate with these bubbles for those too-hot nights when cooking just ain't in the cards.

$20 a bottle.

Pantsuit Pinot Noir, Unapologetically Tasty Oregon Pinot Noir

Our Pantsuit Pinot Noir will stand up to some of your summer grilling mainstays. Juicy, backyard burger oozing with cheese? No problem. Ribs sticky with sauce and perfectly spiced? Done. Our favorite pairing might be a sweet and smoky chicken leg in one hand and a glass of Pantsuit Pinot Noir in the other.

$25 a bottle.

Inaugural Pave the Way Chardonnay, Unapologetically Complex Willamette Valley Chardonnay

Shellfish, shellfish, shellfish. Whether you're slurping oysters on the half shell with a zingy mignonette or you're serving up steamed mussels and clams with crusty bread, our Inaugural Pave the Way Chardonnay is the perfect shellfish pairing. Cold shrimp salads, crabcakes, or seared scallops, this wine is your summer seafood go-to!

$30 a bottle.

 2015 Inaugural Pantsuit Pinot Noir, Unapologetically Expressive Willamette Valley Pinot Noir.

Pull this beauty out for your finest summer entertaining. It is lovely and meant to be shared with only your favorite people. You want balanced, earthy dishes like duck with fresh summer cherries, grilled wild mushrooms with crusty bread and burrata, or that gorgeous side of salmon that you were eyeing at the fish market that is begging to be cooked on a cedar plank. 

$40 a bottle.