The Drink Nation: Nasty Woman Wines Launches in Oregon

Thanks to Alexander Frane at the Drink Nation for writing about the launch of Nasty Woman Wines. Get a taste of the article below and read the full piece after the jump.

Pantsuit Pinot Noir is the name of a new wine coming out of Oregon. The label doesn’t resemble the average Willamette Valley Pinot; instead of a tree or a flock birds in sepia, the bottle features a photo of a young, strong woman. The words “Nasty Woman” are printed across in vibrant, bold letters—a reference to the slur that was thrown at Secretary Clinton during the third presidential debate in 2016 and subsequently reappropriated by members of the political left. This is Nasty Woman Wines, founded by Meg Murray on Election Day, and she’s using it to get more women to the table in policy and leadership positions around the world. Get the full story here

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