Earn/Spend/Live: Real Talk With Meg Murray, Founder of Nasty Woman Wines

Thanks to Meleah Bowles for interviewing NASTY WOMAN WINES Founder, Meg Murray, over at Earn/Spend/Live.  Check out the full interview after the jump.

Nasty Woman was an insult muttered at Hillary Clinton by Trumperdink during one of the presidential debates that was then taken up like a badge of honor, a moniker of unapologetic defiance, and in the end, a battle cry.

And if you know anything about anything, you should also know that wine makes damn fine battle fuel. Meg Murray knew. After Trumperdink became President-Elect Trumperdink (and now President Trumperdink), she founded a kick-ass brand called Nasty Woman Wines with a kick-ass cause.

Find the full interview here.

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