Nasty Woman Wines was founded on Election Day 2016 by Meg Murray with hopes of celebrating the first female president.


Like many around the world, she was stunned by the outcome of the election. Disappointed and in disbelief Meg thought NASTY WOMAN WINES was simply going to fade away. Her five-year-old daughter Matilda, however, had other plans.


With Meg in tears, Matilda patted her back, wiped away her tears and asked "How old do I have to be to run for President?"

Her father answered and she quickly asked her parents to vote for her when she runs for president.

It was then that Meg’s disappointment turned to resolve. Her daughter did not ask "if" she can run but "when". Progress was being made and things were changing, but there was still a lot of work to be done.


Fueled by the emotion of the election and a deep desire to have more women at the table, Meg decided it was time to get nasty.

NASTY WOMAN WINES was launched that very day and the project was executed by the crowdsourced talents of some amazing Nasty Women and men who champion the Nasty Woman.